The Fact About Galactic Federation of Light That No One Is Suggesting

Os Arcanjos e Mestres Ascensos trabalham em cooperação com estes Conselhos do Céu ou dimensões superiores, e em uníssono eles seguem as diretrizes das metas de que estão sempre a manifestar a Vontade Divina. Eles fazem aparecer no mundo product como um plano que desce como uma imagem dos reinos celestiais.

Remark by Stew LightStar on May 24, 2012 at 1:40pm hi galactic federation of light I've a matter for yourself, you typed this with your story - - (Nibiru just isn't a World with 1 civilization, rather It's really a GF starship with Associates from lots of races) ive been worryed for some time now as you can find a great number of films and published textual content on the net stateing that plannet x, nebru will occur close to us on 21/12/2012 causeing tidal waves, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, and posible cataclismic situations which will wipe us out !. and movies showing a artificial bunker in iceland that aparently has genetic samples and grains of every type and one book of every title in preperation for this doomsday scenario, and the d,um,s deap underground bases they may have created around this plannet aparently and for what motive?

When you are examining this textual content than it is actually almost certainly a get up phone that you should look at the alternatives and start to feed on your own with the data that may set you cost-free from the 3 D reality.

The Galactic Federation of Light has in excess of two hundred,000 member star nations, confederations, or unions. Presumably the confederations will, at some time, secede within the unions and begin and intergalactic space war of epic proportions. It might not be very likely, but could be an awesome film if it starred Bruce Willis.

Between now as well as summer months months Those people awake and ready, will working experience shifting additional and being extended In the new Earths five D truth.

This may be based on the Divine Will the Archangels and your complete Spirit of The nice White Brotherhood, the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar Procedure, are bringing to our hearts and minds. That blueprint, that image, is becoming mirrored, is getting condition initially descending from your etheric realms, through the mental realms along with the psychological a single, manifesting in the fabric world.

Those who's bodies stay harmful because of their ongoing individual denial, their bodies won't be capable to handle the upper frequency Light beams...

Light transmutes darkness. We have been from the prophesied time of liberation in the reserve of Revelation that has been misunderstood. There isn't any coming ‘conclude of the globe’ as numerous Christians are aware of it. It's the finish of evil, at the same time of its conspiracies.

So, the GF was established With all the founding users remaining Lyran and Orion. Their very first flagship was Pelegai, one of many couple ships intact once the war. This was an incredibly unpleasant time and also the wounds of the war would choose quite a few dimensions of time to recover.

Humans are meant and will in the new Earth be able to shape Strength into type. Diamond drinking water codes will assist this process if you go in the new actuality. These water codes have and ignite kinds capabilities to have the ability to manifest so You can find A great deal to sit up for.

Through this time and for millennia, just the couple have been ready to ascend back again to the higher dimensions soon after death. The Karma that needed to be balanced was too Galactic Federation of Light fantastic right up until Saint Germain acquired a dispensation to ensure This is able to be attainable which has a Galactic Federation of Light repayment of fifty one% only. You now know that a paradise in physicality on the next amount of vibration, or dimension, is the objective in the Divine Will. The operate of People souls that rose in electricity within their reconstruction from the civilization that they had recognized ahead of the destruction of their world, and managed their affect from the astral plane in which they were Forged following the Atlantean cataclysms, is currently being undone inside the battle on the psyche. A war has long been happening due to the attack in the dark forces on the lightbearers in just about every nation. The forces of darkness have designed scenarios to generate wars and remain attempting to incite conflicts, but are failing.

Arcanjo Uriel voltou para mim duas vezes, incluindo uma vez Galactic Federation of Light na presença de André, e outra vez, duas noites atrás, no meio da noite em one de Março, para pedir-me para fazer algumas orações para uma emergência, e esta manhã ele explicou que a canção foi irradiada eletro-magneticamente, ou transposto, sobre o tecido da fita na igreja em Kansas. Você vai encontrar mais detalhes sobre as circunstâncias em que acreditava-se que a gravação ocorreu no vídeo para o qual eu vou fornecer um connection no remaining desta mensagem.

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Nossos círculos e espadas da Chama Azul – minhas e as da Poderosa Astrea e Hercules – por exemplo – são vigas inteligentes que transformam a psique humana. No entanto qualidades e virtudes aparecem onde existe a vontade e devoção. A magnetização da Luz ocorre de forma natural, a maneira que você Galactic Federation of Light vive sua vida e faz suas escolhas, e neste momento da Ascensão, este processo está sendo ativado e acelerado.

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